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Updated Agenda of China Steel Industry Summit for 2020 Market

Register Time: 1 November 2019

Conference: 1-3 November 2019

Venue: Blossom Water Museum Hotel (No.118 Shuibo Road, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province)

08:30-12:00, Saturday, November 2th, 2019    Opening Speech and Keynote Speech
★ Opening Speech

(South Hall, Convention Center)

Opening Speech
Outlook on 2020 Steel MarketWu Wenzhang, Chairman & President, Shanghai SteelHome E-commerce Co., Ltd
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
★ Keynote Speech: Development of Steel Industry and Macro Economy

(South Hall, Convention Center)

Analysis on 2019 Steel Market and Outlook for 2020
Forecast: 2020 China Macro-economic Situation & Policy Orientation
Recession or Crisis – Outlook for 2020 World Economy
12:00-13:30    Buffet Lunch               (Haina Hall, Yihutiandi Hall and Jinghu Hall, F2*, Blossom Water Museum Hotel)
13:30-17:30, Saturday, November 2th, 2019 

(South Hall, Convention Center)

☆ Panel I: Analysis on Raw Material Market and Future Developments  
Impacts from Regulations and Policies in Scrap Processing Industry on Scrap Future Developments
Outlook on 2020 Iron Ore Supply-demand Relations and Prices
Outlook on 2020 Coke Supply-demand Relations and Prices
Analysis on Coal Market and Future Prospect
Impacts from Ultra-low Emission Policies and Shutting down Inefficient Capacity on Coke Supply

(South Hall, Convention Center)

☆ Panel II: Analysis on Steel Market: Exports, Winter Stocking, Production Restriction for Environmental Protection and Innovated Modes
Discussion: Will Steel Industry enter Medium-term Adjustment or Winter Days
Impacts from Production Restrictions by Rating Policies on Steel Supply in Heating Season
Analysis on Price Trend in Steel Market before and after the Spring Festival & Strategy for Winter Stocking
Discussion on Actual Performance after Applying Rebar New Standard
17:30-21:30, Saturday, November 2th, 2019
17:30-21:30 (North Hall, Convention Center)The 10th Awards Ceremony of China Top 100 Steel Trade and Logistics Enterprises and Brand Suppliers

SteelHome: 15th Anniversary Celebration Party

Sunday, November 3th, 2019  Complimentary networking tour
Monday, November 4th, 2019  Closing

Note: the detailed speakers and agenda to be updated.


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