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Water corrugated stainless steel manufacturer


Water corrugated stainless steel manufacturer

Water-corrugated stainless steel embossed plates have been popular in various decoration industries for a long time. For example, many digital products use water-corrugated stainless steel plates to make shells. It has a very strong technology and a trendy atmosphere. 201 stainless steel is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and has high density. The characteristics of polishing without bubbles, no small holes, etc., are used to produce high-quality materials such as various watch cases and watchband bottom covers. Mainly used to make decorative pipes, industrial pipes, and some shallow-drawn products. Most of the 200 series stainless steel sold in the Chinese market has almost no control of sulfur and carbon content in accordance with national standards, and manganese (and nitrogen) is used to replace part or all of it. Nickel is used to produce austenitic stainless steel with lower nickel content.
Water corrugated stainless steel embossed plates are embossed patterns on the surface of the steel plate. The width of the corrugated stainless steel embossed plates is mostly fixed. The width of the sample plates are: 1m, 1.22m, 1.5m. The length of the corrugated stainless steel can be according to customer requirements. Open material. The main body of the water-corrugated stainless steel embossed plate is integrated with the color layer to maintain the basic structure and basic performance of the original stainless steel. The water-corrugated stainless steel can be processed by conventional molding and stretching.
Water corrugated stainless steel is made by using large-scale etching equipment to etch free patterns on the basis of stainless steel plates. The surface of corrugated stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel. The corrugated stainless steel can resist more than 10 years of salt spray corrosion and more than 30 years of ultraviolet light without discoloration. Produce and process water-corrugated stainless steel embossed plates, and we can customize various specifications and sizes of water-corrugated stainless steel embossed plates for customers
Water corrugated stainless steel embossed plate has scratch resistance. The surface of water corrugated stainless steel embossed plate can also be electroplated and water-plated coloring treatment to meet your higher needs.Stainless steel embossed plate is a surface of steel plate with uneven patterns. , Used in places that require smoothness and ornamental properties. When embossing is rolled, patterned work rolls are used. The work rolls are usually processed with corrosive liquids. The unevenness of the plate varies from pattern to pattern, about 0-030 microns.


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