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Stainless steel outdoor trash can


Stainless steel outdoor trash can

The rust resistance of stainless steel, coupled with its gleaming appearance, made it a popular kitchen utensil in the mid-20th century. Kitchen sinks, pot racks, door handles and even furniture are often made of stainless steel. Because the trash can receives all kinds of waste, it is surrounded by bacteria, viruses, and molds every day, which pollutes the indoor environment. Therefore, it is also a "bacterial nest" that can easily contain dirt. Some trash cans on the market may contain some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances due to the unclear source of plastic materials, which poses certain health risks. However, stainless steel and bamboo woven materials not only have such problems, they are also easy to clean. In addition, a smaller trash can encourages people to take out trash frequently and shortens the time for germs to breed.


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